Custom 23 Hanson Bay Boat Trip :


Inshore Flats and Bay :

Great for all around fishing in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota Area Inshore flats and fishing in the Gulf for Tarpon also near shore reefs.

Half day : 1 Person : $400  /  Full day : 1 Person : $650
+$50 per Additional Person(s) – limit of 6 clients


Summer Tarpon Trips :

Summer time tarpon trips for larger parties, I will have a first mate on the trip. Trips are available May-August!

Half Day : 1 Person : $500  /  Full Day : 1 Person : $750
+$50 per Additional Person(s) – limit of 6 clients


Near Shore / Reef Fishing Trips :

Near shore and Reef fishing trips catching a variety of fish especially to eat!

Half Day : 1 Person : $500  /  Full Day : 1 Person : $750
+$50 per Additional Person (s) – limit of 6 clients

Kayak Fishing Trip :

$250 if supplying kayak for client  /  $200 if you have your own kayak

$50 per extra person(s)  /  Limit of 4 persons per guide

*When booking a trip I factor in weather, wind, tide and time of year. The kayaks allows the mobility to launch where the fish are within a short paddle. Depending on which way the wind is blowing from we can always find a lee side and be protected. Kayak trips are all articifial-only.

Have we got you hooked? Reach out and setup a day on the water with Capt Jason Stock and allow him to guide an exciting day on the water. Whether you grew up on a boat, never set foot in the water, or have a particular fish species you want to cross off your bucket list, let JM Snooky Charters get you out there.

Call at : (727) 459-5899 / Email at : jmsnooky@gmail.com

Marina Address :

JM Snooky Kayak Charters
2504 88th Street Ct NW
Bradenton, FL 34209


JM Snooky Charters offers a great way to get on the water and pursue a wide variety of fish species. There are many ways to book a charter, whether you are looking for a one-on-one trip, a group trip, a business retreat to release some stress from the day-to-day grind, or planning a fun local activity on your family vacation, JM Snooky Charters can get you on the water and on the fish.*

With Capt Jason Stock, you can book Inshore, Nearshore, or Offshore trips. This may partly be dictated by the weather, but also can cater to the species of fish you may wish to pursue on a trip. Some of many species caught on charters include: Permit, Tarpon, Hogfish, Goliaths, Redfish, Grouper, Kingfish, Snapper, Snook, Sharks, Cobia, and Tuna. For the most immersive trips, or for days you want to target a multitude of species, we suggest booking a full day.

Some additional points which make JM Snooky Charters a great option for your guide needs:

– Trips are a hassle-free experience. With the booking of your charter, all fishing licenses, gear, tackle, ice, and filleting will be covered through the course of the trip. The only thing you need worry about is bringing food/drinks of your choice for the day.

– JM Snooky Charters has a Federal Reef Permit, allowing for trips past 9 miles, expanding options and allowing for some great fishing spots.

– Fishing can be a sustainable activity with the right attentions. Much of the fishing done on trips is catch and release, in line with the limits for the time of year. In addition, Capt Jason Stock participates in a few programs helping to collect data and research Florida’s fisheries, such as tagging every Grouper and Permit released, and collecting DNA on every Goliath before release.

– Capt Jason Stock specializes in something called a “Bucket List Trip.” This is for anglers who want to catch a particular species which has alluded them, or they have not had the vessel to access yet.

If you are ready to book a trip, give Capt Jason Stock a call at (727) 459-5899

*When guiding a trip, Capt Jason Stock will do everything in his control to get you on the fish, unfortunately, he has no control over the bite, weather, or tides.